The MariadeleMilano brand introduces a new concept in handbags, more than just a mere accessory. The style characterised by the creativity and boldness in using new and unusual materials blends perfectly with the emotion of telling a story, jealously guarded in every bag and following the itinerary of an imaginary journey into Space.

Walking with Stories is the leitmotif of the MariadeleMilano brand of handbags from the G05.22 Company. The company was founded in 2015 by Fabio Gasparini, successful manufacturer in the world of sunblinds and Mariadele Mancini, designer and creative genius in the textile and fashion world.

The result is an entirely new way of making bags using unconventional fabrics from the worlds of sunblinds, sailing and fashion, following new exciting aesthetics which are intuitively brought to life through the telling of a story. Alongside their fathers, Carlotta and Riccardo Gasparini have brought a breath of youthfulness to this business venture.

As in the best Italian stories, a brand was born that immediately established itself in the world of fashion and design, characterised by innovation and Made In Italy excellence.

The idea

“An object isn’t just what we see, touch and smell. It’s everything it brings with itself, from the talent of those who created it to the efforts of those who gave it a shape and a function, up to its journey around the world.”

This is how Mariadele Mancini presents the concept of the collection, Walking with Stories by MariadeleMilano.

The bag is a container that carries every woman’s daily life, made up of objects, and her story filled with memories and feelings. From this vision comes the collection that successfully explodes onto the current fashion system with a bold product able to convey the poetic emotions of our everyday life. This occurs through the intuition of its creators to link a story to the object-bag, a different one for each model, which is printed inside waiting to be discovered.

Every bag has its own story, every woman walks around with her daily story.

Made in Italy

For MariadeleMilano “Made in Italy” means the ability and quality found in the Italian way of doing things. It has always produced elegance and innovation, descending historically from successful ancient craft shops. Even today, the world looks at our style with great admiration. This is why the MariadeleMilano bags are put together by carefully selected local craftsmen.

The innovative use of fabrics conceived for other applications, combined with leather, sometimes precious, and the reckless elegance of bold colour and material combinations are the strengths of the G05.22 production for MariadeleMilano, aimed at sophisticated people who love to stand out from the crowd.

The result is a bag that conveys the extraordinary talent of knowing how to achieve quality, travelling around the world under the “Made in Italy” banner.